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Get nitrox certification online - Do the bookwork from home.

 Online Scuba Lessons
Nitrox Specialty Course
Nitrox certification online
This performance based adventure program
is designed to lead you step-by-step
in your future exploration
of the underwater world.
Open Water dives are not required, but encouraged!
$79.95 Complete!

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Frequently Asked Questions
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Nitrox is the Future of Diving...

Do you want to increase your bottom time,
add a tremendous margin of safety,
have more physical energy, 
stamina, and mental clarity on your dives?

Nitrox is the answer for you!

Become a Enriched Air Diver...

You get the book work done from home,
complete each quiz and the final exam,
we send a Nitrox Scuba Diver Card..
Open Water dives are not required, but encouraged!

A ticket to the adventure of a lifetime!

Begin your adventure today!!
Our scuba home study course materials
allow you to learn at your own pace.  It's done all online, nothing to download.
We will send you a Username and Password so you can log on to the course right away.

Students can complete the course entirely from home or office
at any time of the day or night.

Don't spend valuable vacation time in the classroom!
Get the book work done from home!

This Nitrox scuba course
is designed to teach you the
Physics and Physiology of Nitrox Scuba Diving.

Graduates receive a Certificate of Completion
and Nitrox Scuba Certification Card.

Only $79.95 complete!!
 Includes 4 modules, final exam, Academic Certificate,
and Nitrox Scuba Diver Card.
Get the Book work done from home!
Must be a certified diver to complete the course.

Books and videos that compliment the course!!

$79.95 Complete!

Number of Students: 

Frequently Asked Questions

The course is divided into 4 separate modules:
Module 1
Review of Scuba & Intro to Nitrox
The history of Enriched Air Nitrox
What is Nitrox?
Review of Basic Scuba Diving Concepts
What is Pressure?
What about Air consumption?
How long I stay underwater on a tank of nitrox?
Decompression Sickness (The Bends)
Review the Dive Tables

Lots of Underwater scuba dive photos

Module 2
Underwater Sciences - Physics
Dalton's Law of Physics
Oxygen Toxicity
Partial Pressure  - Nitrox I
Partial Pressure  - Nitrox II
The Advantages of Nitrox over Air
Nitrox for Decompression stops
You get the book work done from home,
complete each quiz and the final exam,
we send a Nitrox Scuba Diver Card..
Open Water dives are not required, but encouraged!

It's That Easy!

Module 3
Nitrox Dive Planning
Equivalent Air Depths
Maximum Exposure Time Limits
Nitrox I Dive Tables
Nitrox II Dive Tables
Nothing to down load!
You don't have to wait for Books or CD to ship!
It's done entirely online from the comfort of your home!

Module 4
Nitrox Scuba Equipment
Cylinder Markings
Nitrox safe scuba equipment
You can do the course with your 
friends and family.
Call or Email our staff of Scuba Instructors 
and get help for FREE!

After completing each section, you will be given a quiz.
You must receive a 100% score on each quiz before proceeding to the next section.
 Don't worry, our staff of Certified Instructors will help you, FREE of charge, if you get stuck!
 Then, after you have completed all the quizzes, you will be given a Final Exam.
$79.95 Complete!

Number of Students: 
You will be given a Password and URL via E-mail when you Order the Course!

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Thanks for the quick response.   I really appreciated the opportunity to do the course entirely online. I took a Nitrox course on a liveaboard about 3 years ago. I did 20-some dives on Nitrox, but never got around to sending in the necessary paperwork to get the card.  I've got a dive vacation coming up in October and figured your course would be a good review of the material, as well as provide me with the necessary nitrox certification card. It turns out to have been a far more comprehensive course than the traditional course I took on the liveaboard.
Gayle, Oregon

The course was exactly what I needed!  I had forgotten the basic concepts.  Thanks for your knowledge.  My wife and I went to Bonaire where we were able to use nitrox for the first time.  What a difference.
Steve and Patty, New York

I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical of the course because of the price.  Your price is considerably lower than all the others.  After taking the course, I realized what a great deal this was.  I will recommend the site to all of my friends.  The "recommended shops" page was very helpful.  Thanks
Mike and Karen, Arizona

You're the BEST!  This online course was structured well, and extremely easy to understand but didn't cut any corners whatsoever.  I will recommend it to all my dive buddies who aren't yet Nitrox certified.  Thanks again!
Katy, Florida